What is Implantation? How is it done?

The implant is called the artificial tooth root placed into the jaw bone to provide the lost function and aesthetic appearance of the natural teeth. The implant is the closest alternative to natural teeth today. While it provides a better speech and chewing function compared to the traditional methods, on the other hand, it also brings a natural look with itself. It is also known as implant, screw tooth or implanted tooth. Currently, the most popular type of implant is the “screw” shaped. The implantation treatment is a method which increases the quality of patient’s life. It’s biggest advantage is the fact that the cutting process does not touch the natural healthy tooth and it also gives a relief because the lower jaw is not moved. After the implant is placed in the jaw bone in a sterile environment, it holds it totally in 3-6 months of waiting time. At the final stage, the measures are taken on top of it and the coating is placed. In order to apply implantation to a patient, he needs to have a proper bone structure and healthy gums. Otherwise, it is also possible to apply healthy and succesful implant treatments with additional bone surgery applications.

What is Implantation? How  is it done?