How does a tooth decay occur?

Dental caries is perceived as wells associated with a darker coloration. Although it is a preventable disease, there are not many people who haven’t experienced this problem in the world.


Why do teeth decay?

The plague is composed of bacteria in the mouth can form acid out of food remainings such as sugar and flour. These acids cause the deterioration of the tooth enamel by solubilising the mineral tissue and start dental caries together with the cavities that the dentist describe as wells.

Who has tooth decays ?

Since the meeting of the bacteria with sugar and flour-based foods can cause dental cavity, there is a danger to every one. However, people who consume higher proportion of carbohydrate and sugary food in their diet and with high proportion of fluoride in water are more likely to have the risk of cavity. Even if the saliva generates a natural defense mechanism against the acid composed by bacteria plague, it cannot prevent tooth decay by itself. Also the drugs and diseases that reduce the amount or flow of the saliva, accelerate the formation of cavities. Therefore, dentists often reccomend sugarfree gums to increase saliva flow.

Can tooth decay be prevented?


  1. Brushing teeth after breakfast in the morning and before sleeping in the evening and the regular use of dental floss daily are the most effective ways.

  2. As food remains accumulate mostly in the recesses of chewing surfaces of teeth and in small teeth surfaces where they touch eachother, small-headed tooth brushes should be selected.

The inner, outer and the chewing surfaces of teeth and the top side of the tongue should be brushed moderately hard or soft bristled toothbrushes should be used and  changed regularly. The bristles of the toothbrush shouldn’t be eroded and should be conserved in a way that it can’t carry any bacteria. Never use someone else’s brush. You should benefit from the role of the fluoride in preventing tooth decay by using a fluoride toothpaste. As an adjunct to fluoride toothpaste, mouthwash that eliminates halitosis and gives a clean, fresh feeling can be used.

  1. Trying to consume sugary foods at main meals and not to eat anything between the meals is another precaution.

  2. To apply the dentist at regular intervals is the best way to prevent or catch a tooth decay. In addition, for hot and cold sensitive teeth or initial carries with chalky color, you should consult a dentist without delay, also for brown color description and grooves. This will alter the procedure of the cure and reduce the difficulties.    

How does a tooth decay occur?